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#01 What does MXA-8400 stand for?

Lyngdorf Audio model name initials describe the product type. For example, MP stands for Multichannel Processor. MA stands for Multichannel Amplifier. Since the MXA-8400 is a high-performance amplifier with advanced technology and very high output power, we added an X for extra performance and extra power. The 8 stands for 8 channels, the 400 for the output power of each channel, 400 watt at 4 ohms.

#02 Why does the MXA-8400 have eight channels?

The Lyngdorf MP-40, MP-50 and MP-60 multichannel processors have 16 output channels (depending on the model, either 16 native decoded channels or with upmixed channels). Two MXA-8400 with a capability of 16 amplifier channels perfectly complement the Lyngdorf MP multichannel processors.

The headroom of 8 or 16 channels is also ideal for the Lyngdorf Bass Management feature. Conventional multichannel processors use just one LFE channel, while the Lyngdorf Bass Management uses left and right subwoofers to retain the left and right surround effects, and to blend the subwoofers seamlessly with all left and right speakers. This requires two woofer channels on the front, or even four woofer channels for front and rear, for example using the passive Lyngdorf BW-20.

Furthermore, amplifier channel headroom is always useful for future upgrades, for example bi-amping the front speakers, adding Atmos channels, or Auro 3D setups using an additional top speaker.

#03 Is the MXA-8400 using Purifi amplifier modules?

The MXA-8400 is based on the benchmark-setting Purifi EIGENTAKT technology, but it is not using off-the-shelf Purifi modules from a supplier. The MXA-8400 is a Lyngdorf Audio development, from the power supply to the input stage to the implementation of the Purifi amplifier technology, all implemented on a sophisticated 4-layer PCB which provides excellent signal purity and grounding for the circuit and components. 

#04 What is so special about Purifi EIGENTAKT?

Purifi EIGENTAKT sets completely new benchmarks in power amplifiers, both in measured performance as well as perceived sound quality. This new technology is the result of extensive research aimed at addressing persistent challenges in conventional amplifiers, from Class A/B to Class D. The benefits are:

  • No inherent sonic fingerprint; complete transparency in sound.
  • Negligible audible noise, allowing deep black silence and a detailed sound even at very low volumes levels.
  • Negligible Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and Inter Modulation Distortion (IMD), leading to highest sound purity and transparency with no sonic fingerprint. 
  • Minimized Magnetic Hysteresis Distortion (MHD) to increase sound purity even further.
  • EIGENTAKT ErrorCorrection (EEC) circuit that encloses the entire power stage, yet with no hint of smearing or coloration, leading to a clear and detailed music reproduction.
  • Output impedance in the sub milli-ohm range, resulting in a very high Damping Factor. 
  • Similar performance across all volume levels, frequencies and speaker loads.
  • High power efficiency and minimal heat dissipation, improving energy consumption and carbon footprint while retaining the performance under different conditions.
#05 What is the PowerPerfect technology?

The power supply is often a limiting factor with common multichannel amplifiers, so that even the best amplifier technology cannot unfold its potential. PowerPerfect is a highly efficient and cool-running power supply. It was specifically designed to extract the best performance from the Purifi EIGENTAKT amplifier circuit. It takes the voltage and current from the mains and converts it into amplifier performance to the highest degree possible. Apart from its power-efficiency, PowerPerfect consists of the integrated Channel Balancing Technology, which distributes the power between all channel in the ideal way, providing the best basis for each amplifier channel even with all channels driven. With PowerPerfect, the MXA-8400 is also protected from overload and failure by several protection systems. All protection systems are continuously active while the amplifier is powered on and operating. 

#06 Can the MXA-8400 be bridged, and what is the benefit?

Two channels of each channel pair can be bridged, so that 8 amplifier channels become maximum 4 amplifier channels. Bridged amplifier channels can be used driving loudspeakers with very high voltage demands.

Bridging provides double the voltage and up to quadruple the output power with the same speaker impedance, while still providing max. 25 A of current. For example, one channel with 200W in 8 ohm unbridged becomes 800W in 8 ohm when bridged. The power ratings are:

  • 8 x 400 W @4 ohm (unbridged 2-channel mode)
  • 8 x 200 W @8 ohm (unbridged 2-channel mode)
  • 4 x 800 W @8 ohm (in bridge mode)
#07 What does the impedance rating mean?

In unbridged 2-channel mode, the minimum nominal speaker impedance is 4 Ohm. In bridge mode, the minimum nominal speaker impedance is 8 Ohm.

Please refer to the speaker manufacturer’s technical specifications and check the rated nominal speaker impedance (IEC). The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standard for rated speaker impedance is as follows: the minimum impedance shall not fall below 80% of the nominal impedance over the defined frequency range of the speaker. For example:

  • According to IEC, 4 Ohm speakers must have a minimum impedance no less than 3.2 Ω
  • According to IEC, 8 Ohm speakers must have a minimum impedance no less than 6.4 Ω
#08 How do I set up the MXA-8400 for bridging?

Each channel pair has a switch on the back to select between 2-CHANNEL or BRIDGE MODE. The channel pairs 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8 can be bridged respectively, allowing up to maximum 4 channels. 

As an example, when channels 1 and 2 are bridged, the signal will be taken from the XLR 1 input and amplified through speaker output 1. The XLR 2 input and the speaker output 2 cannot be used anymore. 

In bridge mode, the speaker cable clamps inside the provided Neutrik speakON connectors are assigned differently, compared to standard 2-channel mode. This is described in the MXA-8400 owner’s manual.

#09 Why does the MXA-8400 use Neutrik speaker binding posts?

The MXA-8400 will primarily be used in home cinemas and custom installations. Neutrik speakON is a professional and very reliable industry standard for loudspeaker connections. It provides a silver-plated, low-resistance, low-mass contact for best signal connection with lowest mass storage effects, and is designed for very high current up to 50 amperes. The turn-and-lock mechanism with touch-proof contacts and a high level of strain relief on the cable allows a very reliable, durable, and easy cable connection.

Neutrik speakON allows a bare metal wire diameter between 1.5 – 4 mm² / 16 – 12 AWG, to be screwed or soldered to the silver-plated cable clamps inside.

Eight Neutrik speakON NL4 connectors are provided in the MXA-8400 packaging.

#10 What is the right Sensitivity setting for MP-40, MP-50, MP-60?

The Lyngdorf MP processors have a high voltage output, so the MXA-8400 can be set to LOW Sensitivity.

#11 Can the MXA-8400 be combined with the SDA-2400 for other channels?

Yes, but for the most equal sound performance on every channel, either SDA-2400 or MXA-8400 should be used for all channels.

If the MXA-8400 is used together with the SDA-2400, set the input sensitivity to HIGH, so that both amplifiers have the same gain.

#12 How to connect unbalanced / single ended sources to the MXA-8400?

The MXA-8400 is equipped with eight balanced analog XLR audio inputs. For connecting processors or pre-amplifiers with unbalanced / single ended outputs, common RCA-to-XLR Male adapters or RCA-to-XLR Male cables can be used. Pin 2 has to carry the signal, while Pin 1 and 3 are connected together for Ground.

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