Bass Management

The art and science of bass management to new levels

The tools required for successful bass management form an integral part of every Steinway Lyngdorf system, routing and mixing bass information optimally for a seamless blend between front speakers and woofer(s) for the best possible bass response.

Steinway Lyngdorf bass management maintains not only the channel-to-channel separation of bass information along with RoomPerfect™ room correction. It also provides a unique level of top-to-bottom integration and clarity across the entire audible range. This is thanks to the highly flexible onboard electronic crossover with a wide range of options for crossover frequency and roll-off slopes to precisely optimize the overall response of your speakers in your room – without compromising the identity and personality of those speakers.

Bass management issues become even more complex as multi-channel systems expand. To eliminate these problems, Steinway Lyngdorf amplifiers and multichannel processors provide psycho-acoustic bass steering that contributes to precise positioning of bass frequencies in the three-dimensional soundspace.

By preserving the original character (music response and impulse response) of your loudspeakers, while removing deleterious room interference, Steinway Lyngdorf elevates the essential art and science of bass management to new levels.

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