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An introduction to Dolby Atmos Music

The name Dolby is often linked to movies and home cinemas. But it is also the next level for listening to music.

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MP-40 in a Clic furniture

How to upgrade your amplifier

You already have a Lyngdorf TDAI amplifier, but you want to upgrade? Thanks to the menu settings, audio signal outputs, and different amp models, it’s easy. But which upgrade path represents the biggest performance step or best value?

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TDAI-2170 and CD-2 on furniture

How to improve room acoustics

Lyngdorf amplifiers and processors include RoomPerfect™, an advanced digital signal processing taking care of room acoustical issues. Also, Lyngdorf loudspeakers are designed benefitting from room acoustics rather than working against it. But what can be done to improve room acoustics? Here’s some practical advice for everyone.

Here is a brief overview.

White FR-1 on blue wall

How to choose the right speakers

The obvious first question is whether you want to listen to music in stereo, or music and also some surround sound, or even immersive audio. If it’s music only, keep things pure. If you mainly listen to music, and sometimes watch a movie, it makes still sense to spend the most budget on the front speakers.

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CS-1 and TDAI-1120 in wooden Clic furniture

Which amplifier to choose – TDAI-3400 or TDAI-1120?

Both models are digital Lyngdorf TDAI amplifiers with app control, music streaming, multiple analog and digital inputs, digital voicing eq, and RoomPerfect™. Apart from the obvious size and price, these are the most relevant differences.

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CS-1 and TDAI-1120 in wooden Clic furniture