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Why choose Lyngdorf Audio for Custom Installations?


√    AV-Processors, amplifiers, speakers all from one brand – no hassle with parts from different brands

√    Power-efficient amplifiers – saves energy and operating cost

√    Compatible with home automation systems of your choice – easy system integration

√    RoomPerfect™ speaker calibration – saves time and minimizes room-acoustic treatment effort

√    RoomPerfect™ works with any room and speaker placement – always achieves the best sound performance

√    CI speakers with ready-to-install enclosures – no need for third party back boxes

√    Voicings for individual sound tuning – easy and satisfying sound customization

√    Backup files can be saved and restored – allows remote system support and improvement

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Room calibrated
Room calibrated
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Technology that works for you

Lyngdorf Audio electronics incorporate many technologies that make your audio/video installation faster, more efficient, and more satisfying:

  • RoomPerfect™, one of the world’s most sophisticated room calibration systems,
    – addresses acoustic problems of the room,
    – enhances the sound experience in any room,
    – saves time, cost and efforts on acoustical room treatments.
  • Speaker EQs pre-set for Lyngdorf speakers.
  • Customized sound Voicings gives you a quick and easy way to provide your clients the best sound performance on site.
  • With the Lyngdorf mobile and browser apps Lyngdorf processors are easy to set up and operate in daily use.

Better sound,
better room flexibility:


Most speakers are developed in sonically-ideal rooms with optimized dimensions and acoustic treatments. In reality, sound systems are installed in authentic living spaces, not sound labs.

Lyngdorf Audio’s integrated room calibration RoomPerfect™ allows you to place the speakers the way it works best for the room shape and style.

RoomPerfect™ allows to place speakers or woofers against the wall, achieving a tighter bass, while addressing imperfections in the frequency response related to the wall positioning.

RoomPerfect™ also allows to place the speakers free-standing in the room, addressing imperfections in the frequency response caused by delayed reflections from the back wall and side walls.

If the room is not perfectly symmetrical in shape, furniture placement, or listening spot, RoomPerfect™ will address these imperfections as well.


Read more about RoomPerfect here.

Where Lyngdorf has the advantage would be with its RoomPerfect software, a feature, not many manufacturers have given much thought to, let alone, mastered.

Mike Perez


What makes Lyngdorf power amplifiers ideal for custom installations?


  • Highly power-efficient
  • Low heat dissipation
  • Fan-less design
  • Suitable for rack mounting
  • Mains noise filter for better performance
  • Multiple protection circuits
  • Power-stable with high and low speaker impedance
  • 24h-tested at Lyngdorf Audio, Denmark
  • Reliable in daily use and over time


Read more about our amplifiers here.

What makes Lyngdorf a/v processors and integrated amplifiers ideal for custom installations?


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Multiple controlling options
  • Suitable for rack mounting
  • Integrated music streaming
  • Integrated speaker-room calibration with RoomPerfect™
  • Integrated and easy sound-customization with voicings
  • Supporting the system remotely using backup files
  • Mains noise filter for better performance
  • 24h-tested at Lyngdorf Audio, Denmark
  • Reliable in daily use and over time


Read more about our audio/video processors here.
Read more about our integrated audio amplifiers here.

What makes Lyngdorf speakers ideal for custom installations?


  • 7 installation speakers to chose from
  • 8 living room speakers to chose from
  • Installation speakers with ready-to-install enclosures
  • Reduced sound disturbance into adjoining rooms
  • High build quality, assembled and tested at Lyngdorf Audio
  • Refined and musical sound quality with high SPL
  • Speaker EQ profiles pre-set in Lyngdorf processors
  • Ideal speaker-room sound calibration with RoomPerfect™


Read more about our speakers here.


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