for BW-20


#01 What is the best placement for the BW-20?

If the room allows, the best performance is achieved when installed as an in-wall boundary woofer, in a room corner. This allows the best bass response by playing in line with the in-wall front speakers, and avoids reflected bass bouncing off the back wall.

The second-best placement is in a room corner with woofers facing forward or against the wall. This allows the BW-20 to play almost in line near the in-wall front speakers, with reflected bass bouncing off the back wall reduced to a minimum.

The third-best placement is against a boundary with drivers facing forward or against the wall. This requires distance settings in the amplifier or processor to make the BW-20 play in line with the in-wall front speakers, and reflected bass bouncing off the back wall has to be addressed. Thanks to the shallow cabinet design, the delayed reflections will still be kept low, and a very good bass response can be achieved.

#02 Why does the BW-20 cover a high bandwidth up to 500Hz?

Some conventional subwoofers cover a very limited bandwidth and may underperform in the audible crossover-region with front speakers, for example if the front speakers are no full-range designs.

The BW-20 is not only a subwoofer but a woofer. It is able to play frequencies up to 500Hz, so that a seamless integration can be achieved with any loudspeaker and crossover filter type even when it stretches above 100Hz.

#03 Can the BW-20 play below 20Hz?

Yes, depending on the chosen EQ filter and desired SPL the BW-20 can roll-off below 19Hz. The woofers and cabinet construction are capable for this.

#04 Which LFE setting is the right one in the MP-40 / MP-50 / MP-60 menu?

The BW-20 is more than a subwoofer. It is a high-bandwidth woofer, reaching down to 19Hz but also up to 500Hz. This allows handling more than the LFE signal. It achieves a seamless integration with any size of front speakers, especially if these are not full-range speakers. The best overall performance will be achieved with left and right BW-20 woofers, which handle both the LFE signal as well as the re-directed bass from all left and right front and surround speakers, respectively. The setting to cover all bass is SUB_400. The LFE EQ must be set to Lyngdorf BW-20.

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