Lyngdorf CD-2: Closer to the music

kwi 10, 2024 | CD-2, Recenzje

Lyngdorf CD-2 on a grey background

Hartmut Tielitz from German has reviewed the Lyngdorf CD-2 CD player. Here are a couple of quotes from the review, and below you can find a link to the full review.

“The Lyngdorf CD-2 reproduces the band’s playing in an incredibly differentiated manner and with sufficient substance. Tonal colours, such as those of the saxophone, remain intact even in the thickest turmoil, the treble range is wide and airy without any overemphasis. In addition, the sound of the CD-2 has a calmness to it that is difficult to describe, something that the listener doesn’t notice at first and only gradually becomes aware of. This calmness is so difficult to grasp because the Lyngdorf is anything but a bore and certainly doesn’t get caught napping dynamically. The timing, as the recording described above clearly shows, is also flawless. On first hearing, it sounds rather unspectacular, without sensational highlights or superimposed timbral escapades. Here, a very high resolution seems to have the effect that all details are “there” and can be heard effortlessly, without this ability to differentiate due to a bright or even obtrusive character. All the fine details are wonderfully integrated into the cohesive and holistic overall picture.“

“The CD-2 succeeds brilliantly in depicting the musical interaction between the performing musicians. This is due on the one hand to the incredibly detailed, yet very balanced reproduction, and on the other hand to that elusive calm in the soundstage described above. I attribute these characteristics directly to the fact that when designing the CD-2, particular emphasis was placed on the lowest possible noise levels, a short signal path and the minimisation of external influences. This means that small signals don’t have to fight their way through a fog of interference, and the delicate and finest details become audible without the ear having to strain. This concept and this painstaking technical attention in no way results in a cool or even soulless reproduction! The CD-2 simply delivers what has been immortalised on the disc. Showmanship and any form of pretence are alien to it. Yet it is capable of conveying sufficient emotion.“

„The CD-2 has no preferences when it comes to music playback. Whether jazz, piano recordings or electronic music – the Lyngdorf is dedicated to all genres with its own neutrality, focussed on the music and the listener. In addition to the above-mentioned characteristics, it also provides fatigue-free long-term listening pleasure, probably a result of the natural, distortion-free reproduction without artificial highlights. If you want to listen to the highly recommended Lyngdorf CD-2, make sure you take enough time to do so. It doesn’t flaunt its qualities obtrusively and isn’t forward in grabbing attention. But it is possible that this pure, uncluttered sound character brings us closer to the music immortalised on the CD than other concepts.”


Read the full review here.

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