gru 14, 2023 | Recenzje, TDAI-1120

Yellowbox award for TDAI-1120

At BLACKBOX Audio Video Show 2023 the organiser Greek YELLOWBOX awards products that have stood out in reviews during the year. The reward is not only for the device itself, but also the people behind it. The often-faceless companies without whom these products wouldn’t exist, the designers and the people in the marketplace who saw a need and filled it and, of course, those who take the decision to support them in the Greek market. This year the Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 streaming amplifier received a YELLOWBOX AWARDS 2023.

Here is what they wrote as explanation:

Lyngdorf is a company that we know, not only because of the high aesthetics, but, above all, by the technology of its amplifiers and its RoomPerfect™ acoustic compensation system. The TDAI-1120 integrated amplifier proved to be a very interesting package of the company’s technologies at an attractive price. The award for the Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 integrated amplifier received, on behalf of Anquan, by mister Nicolas Bernard.

Yellowbox awards 2023
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