#01 What is the warranty period on a Lyngdorf product?

All Lyngdorf products have a warranty period of two years.

#02 Where can I buy Lyngdorf products?

You can find your nearest Lyngdorf dealer here.

#03 Where can I get a demo of Lyngdorf products?

Go to and check the “showroom” box before you search in your area.

#04 How can I upgrade my amplifier or processor with modules?

Contact your nearest Lyngdorf dealer for assistance.

#5 Can Lyngdorf amplifiers and loudspeakers be combined with Steinway & Sons systems?

No, the Steinway & Sons systems are closed networks. This means for example active loudspeakers, active crossovers programmed into the pre-amplifiers and processors, and Steinway Link connections based on CAT-6 cables between components. Most Steinway & Sons loudspeakers cannot be connected straight to conventional stereo amplifiers or AV processors, while the Steinway & Sons processors cannot be programmed with non-Steinway loudspeakers.

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