for TDAI-1120


#01 - Is the TDAI-1120 better than the TDAI-2170 in terms of sound quality?

The TDAI-1120 is based on the same amplifier design as the TDAI-2170, so the sound quality will be the same, just with less output power.

#02 - How can I stream music to the TDAI-1120?

You can use the Lyngdorf Remote App (Android and IOS) for playing audio files from a USB drive or NAS (Network Attached Storage). A Roon server setup and Spotify apps will be able to connect directly, whereas all media player applications based on the universal DLNA communication will be able to connect to the processor and activate playback. AirPlay and Google Cast functionality will allow you to stream audio from your portable Apple or Android devices to the amplifier.

#03 - Does the TDAI-1120 have all of your speakers’ ID?

Yes, it has all the speakers’ ID, and you can also upload your own speaker EQs, if you want to have other speaker EQs from other manufacturers or your own versions.

#04 - How can I upload the latest software?

The software can be uploaded on the amplifier from the remote server through the setup page, if the amplifier is connected to your local network, or via file transfer.

Remote server:

  1. Find the setup page through the Lyngdorf Remote App  under Settings.
  2. Enter the IP address in the browser of a PC or handheld device on the same network.
  3. Then follow the instructions under Manage Software and select Update Software.


File transfer:

  1. Download the new software from
  2. Save the file on your PC or a USB stick
    1. Make sure you eject the USB stick correctly from the PC.
    2. Connect the USB stick to the USB input of the product.


For both:

  1. Go into Manage Software and select Update Software.
  2. Then select the software either from the remote server or from file and Start Update.
#05 - What are the options for Tidal streaming?

Tidal streaming can be done by 1) Airplay  2) UPNP using, for example, the “mconnect” app, and 3) Roon, which supports Tidal integration in the Roon software.

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