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#01 Can I use the MH speakers without a BW woofer?

No, the MH speakers are designed as the most discreet and smallest on-wall speakers, leaving all lower bass to the BW boundary woofers. Their frequency response rolls off around 100Hz while any music covers frequencies down to 20Hz and below, so the MH shouldn’t be used without any BW. Two BW placed left and right in the room are recommended for the best result, as they perform together with the left and right MH speakers seamlessly.

#02 How can the MH speakers perform so well despite their size?

Reducing the cabinet volume limits the frequency range in the bass, but leads to an extremely rigid, dense, low-resonance cabinet construction. Compared to deep cabinets of conventional speakers the extremely compact and shallow MH cabinet also represents the least influence on the soundwaves. Acoustically, a shallow speaker on the wall is the closest one can get to the ideal of an in-wall speaker. The closed-box design also eschews any bass reflex port noise. The tweeter and midrange driver are mounted very close together, almost acting like an ideal point source. Furthermore, the magnet of the midrange driver is exceptionally large and powerful to get the best performance from such a small, closed cabinet design.

#03 How should I set the crossover between MH and BW?

The ideal combination is together with the Lyngdorf TDAI-1120, TDA-2170 and TDAI-3400 amplifiers, where any combination of MH and BW can easily be selected in the menu. The matching crossover frequency and filter characteristic will then be set in the DSP automatically. RoomPerfect will further align MH and BW with each other and calibrate them to your room. Without a TDAI amplifier, the exact crossover frequency and filter characteristic depends on the speakers model and number woofers, placement in the room, and room acoustics; typically resulting in a symmetrical crossover design at some point between 100Hz and 200Hz.

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