for D-500 & D-500 Center


#01 Can the D-500 speakers be used without a subwoofer?

The D-500 speakers are so-called full-range speakers with a frequency range rolling off below 50Hz, providing a room- filling sound even without a subwoofer, especially when used for all front and surround channels, or left and right of a TV replacing floorstand speakers. The performance of any loudspeaker depends on the room size, therefore larger rooms may still require an additional woofer. Movie soundtracks contain an LFE signal for the lowest frequencies, which are ideally reproduced by a dedicated woofer, for example the BW-20.

#02 Can the D-500 and D-5 models be combined?

Yes. The actual combination of D speakers depends on the room size, expected volume levels, wall construction, and budget split between the speakers.

#03 Are the D-500 models only for front and center channel?

No, they can be used all around. The best and most enveloping surround sound in a home cinema is achieved when all channels are as similar as possible. A complete D-500 speaker setup will provide a great surround experience, combined with the D-5 IC for immersive audio

#04 Which speaker size should be set in the MP-40 / MP-50 / MP-60 menu?

The D-500 is a so-called full-range speaker which can handle frequencies below 50Hz (-3dB). Depending on the room size and listening distance, the D-500 can be used without a subwoofer, for example left and right of a TV. The recommended speaker setting is XXL. If there is a subwoofer in the system, the subwoofer should handle the LFE signal, while the recommended speaker setting is XL. The best overall performance will be achieved with left and right BW-20 woofers, which handle both the LFE signal as well as the re-directed bass from each D-500. The recommended speaker setting is M.

In speaker EQ must be set to Lyngdorf D-500.

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