for BW-2


1. Can I connect the Lyngdorf boundary woofer to a Lyngdorf multichannel processor?

Yes, but as the processor cannot add the filters for optimizing the BW-2 sound, you must use the standard Line Input of the BW – just like you must with any other subwoofer.

The single 8” or 10” driver will have a hard time supporting multiple speaker channels in a cinema setup. For connecting the BW, you need an adapter or dedicated cable: XLR to RCA (balanced to unbalanced connector).

2. I can hear a humming sound from the boundary woofer. Is it defective?

Probably not. Humming is the result of products connected without common ground connections, for example, one product is connected to a power outlet without grounding. This will result in a small current running in the signal wire and causing a humming sound. Make sure that the products are connected to same ground, and the humming should disappear.

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