Innovation of the Month award for TDAI-3400

Feb 10, 2023 | Reviews, TDAI-3400

Lyngdorf TDAI-3400

The TDAI-3400 with RoomPerfect™ has been launched some years ago, but when German print magazine AUDIO TEST issued a special edition about room acoustics, it was perfect for another round with the Lyngdorf amp. Some quotes from the review team:

 “Sound minus Room = Genius”

 “Of course we as experienced hifi reviewers know plenty of automatic speaker calibrations. They are standard in AV receivers to get surround sound right, and now even some hifi components use a calibration system. But RoomPerfect from Lyngdorf differs a lot from the known calibrations. You don’t believe it? We’ve experienced it ourselves.”

“Most calibrations force every speakers to sound alike, according to one strict frequency response, no matter which speaker it is. RoomPerfect does it differently. The software learns all about the room, and separates it from the pure speaker response. As a result, the speakers sound as if they are in an acoustically ideal room. We’ve tried it and we were stunned.”

“We tried the TDAI-3400 with several speakers in our test room. It was very obvious with all measurements that the sound character of the speakers was never changed.”

“Thanks to their D power amp advantage, Lyngdorf amplifiers sound extremely fine, nuanced and yet powerful and precise, so that analog systems are not up to it. And if they are, they cost more than three times the price, and with higher energy consumption. Our advice: You must really try this Lyngdorf amplifier – not only if you have issues in your listening room.”

“Reference Class 97%”

“Innovation of the Month”

Watch the video review here.


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