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Jun 15, 2020 | Reviews, TDAI-3400

TDAI-3400 in living room

One of the leading HiFi websites in Israel, DTown, has reviewed Lyngdorf TDAI-3400. The review is Hebrew, but we have translated a couple of the quotes and the conclusion below.

The TDAI-3400 room correction system, RoomPerfect, is one of the worlds most rewarded and sophisticated room correction systems. It guarantees bringing your loudspeakers performances to the maximum, while also perfectly integrating them with 1 or 2 subwoofers, in any given room.


Using the TDAI-3400 is easy and comfortable using its remote control. In addition, Lyngdorf provides a dedicated control app for iOS / Android and advanced control options through a web browser interface.


The TDAI-3400 is a high end amplifier in the full sense of the word. All of this nonsense about the so-called problematic character of Class D amplifiers couldnt be more far away from this product. Its sound is natural, neutral and transparent. Its level of details and instruments separation is just phenomenal.


The TDAI-3400 has an absolute control of the bass region. Its sound always stays musical, pleasant and detailed.


This kind of control allows other aspects of the song to have a great stage and separation without getting blended into a heavy bass sequence.


Conclusion: The TDAI-3400 is an extremely impressive modern high end integrated amplifier. Its design and built quality are phenomenal, while its amount of technology and various sound configuration and customization options are every tweaking lovers dream. In addition, its sound is neutral, very well balanced and presents a very high level of detail and separation (therefore, from my point of view, there isnt much need of tweaking at all). This is a sound for the ones who like to have the real sound. RoomPerfect is a sophisticated yet easy to use system. It takes the TDAI-3400 great sound and empowers it, by providing more overall precision and a phenomenal control of the bass region. To sum up, is every digital amplifier cold and unmusical? Play a piano track on the TDAI-3400, and I, for myself, am having a hard time not shedding tears. I found this amplifier to be exciting, clean and extremely musical.

See the review here (Hebrew).

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