German award for TDAI-1120

Oct 26, 2020 | Reviews, TDAI-1120

TDAI-1120 german award

The TDAI-1120 has made its German review debut with a review and the award “HiFi einsnull Highlight” in the magazine HiFi einsnull. HiFi einsnull is one of the leading magazines for modern digital hifi. The review is in German, but we have translated some of the quotes below.

„Today there are plenty of compact all-in-one systems, but many manufacturers fail to combine both features and quality at a really attractive price point. Lyngdorf is trying to win in this difficult league.”


“For a start, the subject of ’compact‘ is taken seriously by the Danes. At 30cm, it’s not the world’s slimmest amplifier, but still the new TDAI-1120 is surprisingly small. Typically Lyngdorf, even this micro amp has a nice design with Danish style. Without any gadgets, the stylish Lyngdorf design is translated into the compact format.”


 “And even in its smallest amplifier, the Danes have integrated their known RoomPerfect technology. This isn’t guesswork, but measurement. Again Lyngdorf takes it all very seriously by including a high-quality calibrated measurement microphone and matching stand. This is an absolute novelty in this category and price class.”


 “Even in Bypass mode, this little gem offers engaging sound. The sound expands wide into the room and lets the Lyngdorf play much bigger than expected from a compact amp. The sound of a harp offers great micro dynamics, while the smooth glide of the bow over violin strings has a wonderful timbre. Piano benefits from the TDAI’s great precision. You can hear fast dynamics out of silence, wonderfully vivid and played exactly to the point.“


“Apart from signal replay, every amplifier must also deliver power. Lyngdorf has equipped its compact amp well. The manufacturer specs of max 120 watt into 4 ohm have been surpassed substantially in our own measurements. Almost 135 watt was reached until the rated distortion was achieved.”


 “Lyngdorf has redefined the benchmark for high-quality compact systems.“


„With the TDAI-1120, Lyngdorf offers one of the best compact systems in this market. Modern design and advanced technology offer a great music experience in every room and from every source.“

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