FIDELITY Award 2024 for Cue-100

maj 28, 2024 | Cue-100, Recenzje

Fidelity award for Lyngdorf Cue-100 loudspeaker

After FIDELITY magazine from Germany reviewed the Cue-100, the editors awarded the loudspeaker to be one of the product highlights of the year. Here is their official jury comment:

“Who said loudspeakers can’t be furniture as well? The Lyngdorf Cue-100 straddles this exact line: the standmount speakers are so tastefully designed and beautifully finished that you’d gladly place them in your living room even without a frontend. As a cherry on top, these colorful speakers (they are available with front covers in 15 different colors) happen to sound fantastic, too – and not just in conjunction with Lyngdorf’s own amplifiers either.“

Read the review that lead to the award here (in German).

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