Fidelity award 2022 for TDAI-3400

Jun 3, 2022 | Reviews, TDAI-3400

TDAI-3400 with Fidelity award

German magazine FIDELITY has awarded the TDAI-3400 Amplifier of the Year 2022. The award is based on their fantastic review last year:

“A look inside the Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 does not necessarily lead the observer to suspect an amplifier – it amplifies completely by way of digital switching. But the TDAI-3400 can do much more: in addition to a rich variety of inputs and outputs as well as easy-to-use streaming functionality, it offers RoomPerfect, a room correction feature that can work wonders in problematic rooms. In its basic function as an amplifier, it delivers an impeccably artifact-free sound with impressive soundstaging.“

TDAI-3400 Amplifier of the Year 2022 

The full review can be read via the link below – click the Google Translate button top left:

 “Stereo systems can sound good. And be tall. And cost a lot of money. And dominate the living room. Or you can buy the TDAI-3400 from Lyngdorf.“

TDAI-3400 review by FIDELITY

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