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Nov 16, 2020 | Reviews, TDAI-1120

TDAI-1120 in living room

The Danish online site has reviewed Lyngdorf TDAI-1120. The review is in Danish, but we have translated some of the quotes below.

A really good feature is the ability to configure the maximum sound level that the amplifier should be able to deliver. In addition, there is “Intersample Clipping Correction” (ICC), which is Lyngdorf’s bid to prevent clipping through playback of digital albums without headroom for conversions. If the amplifier detects clipping in the digital signal processing, the overall sound level is reduced. The effect can be heard on eg Steely Dan’s album “Back to Nature”. Also, a sub-sonic filter can be turned on, extremely useful for avoiding low frequency rumble from the LP to reach the speakers.


All in all, there are technologies in the amplifier that give this amplifier architecture some very groundbreaking results for the performance. Since the amplifier is actually digital throughout, it’s not wrong to see the TDAI-1120 as a digital converter capable of directly operating a set of dynamic speakers. Such a topology saves the purchase of a lot of cables, super short signal path, and which I will return to, of course, is a direct contributor to the quite high sound quality.


I do not recall having seen an amplifier with such great flexibility in inputs and the possibilities of configuring each input. Truly quite impressive for an amplifier in this price range.


I experienced the Roon Ready feature as a highly direct integration. You select music, TDAI turns on automatically from its 1.7w standby, it selects Roon input and after about 4 seconds there is music in the speakers. It is simply impressive, considering the heavy use of software. In daily use, this quick start is a very big plus.


Lyngdorf should be highly praised for the fact that the TDAI-1120, despite the extremely complex internal technology, is a treat to set up. Getting the first notes out of the speakers is extremely easy and fast. This is good, because when you come home with your new amplifier, it can usually only go too slow to get music out of the speakers.


A unique good feature of this TDAI is the possibility of using the “Voicing” settings. It is a feature that is inherited from the more expensive Lyngdorf products, which allows you to change the tonality of the sound according to source material.


After a few years break, having tried RoomPerfect™ again, I must admit that the technology is now very mature and finished. In addition, RoomPerfect™ differs in four essential respects from other correction systems known to me. Firstly, the usability is very high… Second, the system does not change the basic sound of the speaker…Third, measurements are fairly consistent… Fourth, all measurements can be performed without a PC.


But the greatest experience from RoomPerfect™ is that the music simply communicates better with me. I hear more music, think much less about equipment – just lean back and feel: “How wonderful it is to hear music”. Can you wish for more?


Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 is a product that will surely give the owner many and great listening experiences combined with great ownership joy. It is well-crafted, appears in a delicious finish without being extravagant and vulnerable and the sound is more than satisfactory.

You can read the whole review here (in Danish).

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