Správa basové složky Bass Management

The art and science of bass management to new levels

Successful bass management forms an integral part of every Steinway Lyngdorf system. This involves routing and mixing bass information optimally for a seamless integration between main speakers and woofer(s) for the best possible bass response.

Redirecting bass content between different channels and speakers is a challenge since different speakers often have a very different coupling to the so-called sound field in the room. In traditional bass management systems, this often results in significant level imbalances, which in turn results in an unnatural timbre and tonal balance. Bass management issues become even more complex, as the number of channels increase and expand from stereo to surround and immersive systems. This is where RoomPerfect™ is the ideal companion for optimal bass management, since RoomPerfect™ ensures similar coupling to the sound field for all channels and speakers. The combination of the RoomPerfect™ filters, flexible crossover filters and signal paths forms the unique DSP architecture of the Steinway Lyngdorf bass management system.

The bass management in Steinway Lyngdorf systems results in an unprecedented natural timbre, clarity and fully integrated sound field – where you have the sensation that all your loudspeakers are playing together in a fully controlled manner. We always redirect the bass content in the most meaningful way, which ensures the best possible preservation of the spatial performance. By preserving the original character and impulse response of your loudspeakers, while removing deleterious room interference, Steinway Lyngdorf elevates the essential art and science of bass management to new levels.

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