for TDAI-2170


#01 Will it be possible to stream music to the TDAI-2170?

No. The TDAI-2170 does not feature a media player, so you need to connect an external media player and connect this to the digital or analog inputs of the TDAI-2170.

#02 How do I upload the latest software?

The software can be uploaded on the amplifier via file transfer on a USB drive.

File transfer:

  1. Download the new software from to your USB drive (FAT32 format required).
    1. Make sure you eject the USB stick correctly from the PC.
    2. Connect the USB stick to the USB input of the product.
    3. Activate the update in the Advanced Menu under Software.
#03 How can I upgrade my amplifier with modules?

Contact your nearest Lyngdorf dealer. The USB module and the High-End Analog module with Phono input can be ordered and mounted by your dealer. The HDMI module can be mounted only at the factory, as it requires a firmware update.

#04 Is a DSD signal processed in its full resolution through the amplifier?

No. DSD is a signal type designed for transmitting high-resolution audio between products with a simple, yet high-quality D/A conversion. A DSD signal cannot be processed in the amplifier, which is why it must initially be converted to PCM.

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