for LS-1000


#01 Can the LS-1000 be used without subwoofers?

Four LS-1000 modules have a frequency range down to 100Hz, therefore a boundary woofer or subwoofer will be required. If there is no need for a very high output level, the LS-1000 may be used without subwoofers by extending the frequency response down to 40 – 50 Hz using equalizing in the processor.

#02 How many LS-1000 modules are required?

The principle of a line source with less sound reflections from floor and ceiling and a consistent volume level across
the room can only be achieved by a sufficient number of speakers forming a tall line array. Four LS-1000 modules in a floor-standing stack are recommended. Due to the high directivity of a line source speaker, the optimal listening height is at the center point of the speaker stack, and 60 cm / 2ft above and below. If the listening room has tiered seating, the stack should be increased to five LS-1000 modules.

#03 Can the LS-1000 Center be used as left and right speakers?

Yes, if there are no nearby left and right sidewalls, three LS-1000 Center speakers achieve a wider sound dispersion into the room, allowing a very wide seat layout.

#04 Which speaker size should be set in the MP-40 / MP-50 / MP-60 menu?
A line array of four LS-1000 modules has a frequency range down to 100Hz (-3dB). The recommended setting is XS. Even though the LS-1000 could reproduce frequencies down to 50Hz, the XS setting lets the LS-1000 roll off around 120Hz and play effortlessly within its ideal frequency range. The speaker EQ must be set to Lyngdorf LS-1000.

For this set-up we recommend a minimum of one left and one right BW-20 woofer to handle both the LFE signal as well as the redirected bass from each LS-1000. More BW-20 might be required depending on the room size, room acoustics, and desired maximum volume level. The recommended setting for the BW-20 is SUB_400, so that it will cover all the bass.

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