for FR-1


#01 Can the FR-1 be mounted on the wall/ceiling and tilted down towards my favorite chair?

You can mount FR-1 speakers on any standard 100×100 mounting bracket. If they are off the wall, you will be missing energy in the lowest frequencies, which will not be a problem if you support them with a subwoofer.

#02 Can FR-1 be used as a center speaker?

The FR-1 is an excellent center channel speaker, for example placed vertically behind an acoustically transparent screen. It is not recommended to place the FR-1 horizontally due to the sound dispersion pattern of the tweeter, midrange driver, and passive woofer. The D-500 C, D-5 and MH-2 speakers are all alternative options for Lyngdorf center channel speakers which fit well below a solid panel TV or other video display. 

#03 Which model is better, FR-1or MH with BW?

That depends entirely on the room, room size, styling, and practical placement. The FR-1 are passive full-range speakers, while the passive MH speakers additionally require one or two BW to be placed, wired to the amp, and connected to mains power. The FR-1 sounds good as it is, while the combination of MH with BW allows more fine-tuning in the bass to meet individual sound preferences by adjusting the BW settings, either on the BW itself or conveniently in the menu of the TDAI amplifier.

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