for D-5 & D-5 IC


#01 Can the D-500 and D-5 models be combined?

Yes. The actual combination of D speakers depends on the room size, expected volume levels, wall construction, and budget split between the speakers.

#02 Are the D-5 models only for surround and immersive audio?

No, they can be used all around. The best and most enveloping surround sound in a home cinema is achieved when all channels are as similar as possible. When combined with two or more BW-20 woofers, a complete D-5 speaker setup will provide a great surround or immersive audio experience.

#03 Which speaker size should be set in the MP-40 / MP-50 / MP-60 menu?

The D-5 models can handle frequencies down to 80Hz (-3dB). Depending on the room size and subwoofers used, the recommended speaker setting is S. Even though the D-5 could reproduce frequencies below 80Hz, the S setting lets the D-5 roll off around 100Hz and play effortlessly within its ideal frequency range.

The speaker EQ must be set to Lyngdorf D-5 or D-5 IC.

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