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#01 What inspired the Cue-100 design?

While the benchmark-setting Purifi drivers are the acoustic basis, the Lyngdorf Audio design team wanted to emphasize the company’s Danish origin and create a loudspeaker for audiophile enthusiasts as well as design lovers, instead of simply putting Purifi technology in a box. The triangular shape with smooth edges and rounded lines gives the Cue-100 a very slender appearance when viewed from the listening angle, while the satin-matt lacquer, real-wood oak, and finest fabric by Gabriel® emphasize Danish design and built quality. The speaker was designed together with Danish design company Artlinco.

#02 Why does the Cue-100 have three woofers?

The Purifi woofer on the front is driven by the amplifier, while the two Purifi units on the back are passive bass radiators. They allow an extended bass by being acoustically coupled to the front woofer, without the audible side-effects of a bass-reflex port, nor the lower efficiency and limited bass of closed-box speakers. The passive radiators achieve a very even bass dispersion around the speaker, making placement in the room easier. 

#03 What is so special about the Purifi woofers?

The Purifi engineers have set new benchmarks in loudspeaker technology by creating ultra-low-distortion long-stroke midrange drivers and woofers. Purifi achieves the market’s lowest distortion, highest sound purity, and overall best measured performance. Several innovative technologies were developed to achieve this result: The most recognizable is the Neutral Surround Geometry, where the surround shape consists of alternating mountain ridges, four ridges outward and four ridges inward. Unlike conventional half-roll surrounds, the effective radiation area remains constant throughout the entire voice coil excursion. Other Purifi technologies and features are: Low force factor modulation, constant force factor over long excursion, low magnetic hysteresis distortion, current-breaking die-cast basket, diaphragm stiffness ring, ventilated cone and spider, four-layer copper-clad aluminum voice coil with variable winding pitch on fiberglass former. The Purifi woofers are designed and manufactured in Denmark.

#04 Which Purifi unit is used in the Cue-100?

The Cue-100 uses the PTT 6.5X 04 NAA midrange/bass driver from Purifi, which is a long-stroke, ultra-low-distortion driver with aluminum cone and the recognizable Neutral Surround Geometry. The passive bass radiator is the PTT 6.5PR with aluminum cone.

#05 Why is the Purifi woofer mated with an AMT tweeter?

The Purifi woofers have an outstanding sound clarity and neutrality, reproducing all musical details in the most effortless way. Based on the experience with Steinway Lyngdorf speakers, the Lyngdorf Audio engineers knew that only the company’s own Air Motion Transformer tweeter, with its large yet ultra-light Kapton foil and powerful neodymium magnets, can extend this clarity and neutrality up to the highest frequencies. It’s the best match for the most seamless and effortless sound performance, from the lowest to highest notes. 

#06 Why is the Cue-100 called Cue-100?

The number 1 indicates that this is the first speaker named Cue. The three digits of the number 100 indicate the number of woofers, in this case three (one woofer on the front, two passive radiators on the back). The name Cue is a reference to music and sound. In music notation, cue notes inform the players when and how to play, and help in tuning all instruments playing together. A cue note is smaller in size than the other notes, but still large enough to be clearly recognizable, and an important part of the composition and its musical expression.

#07 Where is the Cue-100 made?

The Cue-100 is assembled by hand at Lyngdorf Audio in Skive, Denmark, with the Purifi drivers made in Denmark and the CNC-machined MDF cabinet, cabinet lacquering, and solid oak elements made in Germany. The fabric covers are made by Denmark’s fabric specialist Gabriel.

#08 Can the Cue-100 be used with the TDAI-1120 and TDAI-3400?

Yes. Both amplifiers provide sufficient power to drive the Cue-100. Due to the low sensitivity of the Cue-100 the TDAI-3400 is recommended to achieve the best performance in medium to large rooms.

#09 Can the Cue-100 be used with other amplifiers?

Yes. While the best sound performance is achieved with the Lyngdorf speaker preset and RoomPerfectTM calibration of a TDAI amplifier, the Cue-100 represents no difficult load and can be driven by other amplifiers. Due to the low sensitivity of the Cue-100 a power output above 100 Watt per channel is recommended. 

#10 Can the Cue-100 be used without RoomPerfect?

Yes. While the best sound performance is achieved with the Lyngdorf speaker preset and RoomPerfect™ calibration of a TDAI amplifier, the Cue-100 can also be set up conventionally at acoustically well-chosen spots in the room like any other loudspeaker. 

#11 Can the Cue-100 be used without its dedicated stand?

Yes. The oak legs are detachable. The base has three inserted M8 threaded bushings to insert the supplied metal damper feet, or other after-market spikes and accessories. The bass radiators fire sideways and allow placement near a backwall, while the space left and right behind the speaker should still be kept as clear as possible to let the soundwaves radiate. The best performance will be achieved free-standing on the dedicated stand.

#12 Can the Cue-100 be combined with additional BW-2 or BW-3 woofers?

Yes. Any combination of speakers and woofers can be selected in the TDAI output setup menu. Additional BW will extend the low frequencies while letting the BW take over the lowest bass from the Cue-100, achieving an overall higher dynamic range. Two BW are recommended, one to complement each left and right Cue-100 speaker.

#13 Why is the Cue-100 at this price point?

Best initial answer: In high-end audio, you’ll find the very best standmount speakers ranging from 10.000,- Euro/USD to 40.000,- Euro/USD per pair, and even above. The Cue-100 belongs to this league of best standmount speakers. More detailed answer: The Cue-100 consists of several outstanding elements.

  • Technologically advanced Purifi drivers
  • Outstanding Air Motion Transformer tweeter
  • Distinct Danish design
  • Unique acoustic design and construction
  • Very elaborate and rigid enclosure
  • Hand-finished solid oak elements
  • Hand-finished solid oak stand
  • High-quality satin-matt lacquer
  • High-quality fabric covers by Gabriel
  • Made in Denmark with a high level of craftsmanship

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