for CD-2


#01 Should I use the analog or digital output for a TDAI amplifier?

The CD-2 has a high-quality Wolfson D/A converter chosen by our engineers for its measurements as well as based on sound performance, combined with a very good analog output stage. However, with a fully digital amplifier such as the Lyngdorf TDAI models it’s best to keep a digital music signal in the digital domain as long as possible. A digital connection is also less affected by external interference. Therefore, we recommend using the coax digital output.

#02 Can the CD-2 read MP3, SACD, DVD-A or other audio formats?

No, the CD-2 was specifically designed for best CD “red book” replay. However, different internal upsampling rates of 44.1, 48, 96, 192kHz as well as 16 or 24 bit can be compared and chosen.

#03 Can the CD-2 be controlled with the TDAI remote control?

The CD-2 comes with its own remote control, which is the same as the TDAI-2170 and the (optional) TDAI-1120 remote control. Use the CD/AMP buttons to switch between the two devices to access all control buttons. The remote control of the TDAI-3400 is a later generation and only controls the amplifier, while the Play/Pause/Skip buttons only control the internal streaming player.

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