for BW-3


#01 Can I connect the Lyngdorf boundary woofer to a Lyngdorf multichannel processor?

Yes, but as the processor cannot add the filters for optimizing the BW-3 sound, you must use the standard Line Input of the BW – just like you must with any other subwoofer.

The single 8” or 10” driver will have a hard time supporting multiple speaker channels in a cinema setup. For connecting the BW, you need an adapter or dedicated cable: XLR to RCA (balanced to unbalanced connector).

#02 I can hear a humming sound from the boundary woofer. Is it defective?

Probably not. Humming is the result of products connected without common ground connections, for example, one product is connected to a power outlet without grounding. This will result in a small current running in the signal wire and causing a humming sound. Make sure that the products are connected to same ground, and the humming should disappear.

#03 Should I use the Bypass or Line-In input?

The Bypass input bypasses all filters and equalizing inside the BW. This input can be connected to an output named, for example, “LFE Out” or “Sub Out”. The signal must already be filtered and equalized inside your stereo pre-amplifier, amplifier or AV-receiver. Use the Bypass input to connect the BW to a Lyngdorf TDAI amplifier, which allows various filter settings in its output setup menu.

The Line input’s signal will be adjusted by the BW’s own Level, Phase and Cutoff settings. This input can be connected to an output named, for example, “Pre Out”.

#04 Should I use one or two BW?

Two BW placed on the left and right side will give the best alignment with the left and right front speakers. While in the very lowest frequencies one cannot perceive a direction where the bass is coming from, there is always a crossover frequency region where both, front speakers and BW woofers, play in parallel. Therefore, the best stereo imaging and bass impulse response can only be achieved when each BW plays as one with the left and right speaker, respectively. In a stereo setup, one single mono woofer may sound slightly separated from the left and right front speakers.

In the TDAI amplifiers, one or two BW can easily be set in the output setup menu, so a second BW can be added later.

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