SoundStage praises the MXA-8400: Unmatched power, clarity, and musicality in every mode

Jun 17, 2024 | MXA-8400, Reviews

SoundStage reviews Lyngdorf MXA-8400 amplifier

Roger Kenno from SoundStage has made a great review of the MXA-8400 8-channel amplifier. Below you can read quotes from the review and find a link to the whole review.

“The MXA-8400 will serve Lyngdorf’s surround processors more aptly, but it should be equally at home in a high-quality two-channel system thanks to its fantastic Eigentakt amplification modules.”

“In the stereo setup, in two-channel mode, the MXA-8400 proved to be an accomplished amplifier with ample power and an extremely neutral character. Even during casual listening, as I let the amp settle into my system, I could not but notice how controlled, effortless, and musical its sound was.”

“Nothing I threw at the MXA-8400 would trip it up. From classic orchestral recordings to the latest EDM remixes, everything sounded just about perfect.”

“The Lyngdorf amp reproduced this track flawlessly, giving it a sweeping, thrilling quality, its superclean sound unraveling the subtlest complexities in this high-quality recording.”

“Again, the Lyngdorf sounded amazingly lucid and coherent. On “Anyone,” the percussion was spread holographically through the channels with sparkling clarity. On “Nobody’s Diary,” the backing vocals, in the surrounds, were perfectly matched tonally with the vocals in the mains.”

” It’s difficult to overstate the power, control, and thrills that the MXA-8400 brought to my system, especially in bridged mode. No other amplifier I’ve ever had in this system provided the same level of enjoyment.”


Read the whole review here. 

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