More than just a step ahead

Mar 15, 2021 | Reviews, TDAI-3400

TDAI-3400 on grey background

The German online magazine Fidelity Online has reviewed Lyngdorf TDAI-3400. Below we have translated a few quotes from the review.

„Stereos systems can sound good. And be great. And cost a lot of money. And dominate the living room. Or you can buy the TDAI-3400 from Lyngdorf.“


„I would not have expected the smoothness with which violins and violas climb up to the highest tones, which would also be a glory for any better Class-A amplifier.“


„The TDAI-3400 is more than just a step ahead of almost all the amplifiers I know in one point: the precision of its spatial presentation is nothing short of first-class. Not much is noticeable with mediocre recordings, but with good productions I could draw an almost centimeter-precise microphone plan. Great!“

You can find the whole review here (in German). Tips! The magazine has embedded a Google Translate button, so you can easily read the English version with one click.


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