Great review from Poland

Feb 20, 2020 | CD-2, Reviews

CD-2 in white Clic furniture

The Polish site has reviewed Lyngdorf CD-2. We have translated an excerpt of the review below.

“In addition to the many delights we discovered in the Lyngdorf CD-2 player, like midrange colors and sonic capabilities, we would like also to emphasize the quality of drive. We do not have even minor reservations or issues with it.


So please don’t say the CD passed away! It is still lively, vivid, and satisfying during listening. Reaching for physical discs still brings us great pleasure. Just stop to listen to CD players with poor and mediocre quality. One thing is certain, the Lyngdorf CD-2 leaves many CD players behind. And the price? Let’s get it straight—it will be cheaper to buy the Lyngdorf CD-2 than to bring Anne Sophie Mutter to your own home.”

Link to the whole review here (in Polish).

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