First review of the Lyngdorf Cue-100 high-end speaker

May 23, 2023 | Cue-100, Reviews

Review of Lyngdorf Cue-100 speaker

The online magazine has made the first review of the latest Lyngdorf speaker, the Cue-100. The review is in Dutch, but we have translated a few quotes below. You can read the whole review via the link at the bottom.

“The Cue-100 is Lyngdorf’s first high-end speaker. A milestone in the history of the Danish brand and the most expensive Lyngdorf speaker ever. With the Cue-100, Lyngdorf creates a new category and price range. A more than successful combination of Scandinavian design with the latest loudspeaker technology”.

“Since that woofer does not cause distortion, can handle 250 watts, with an efficiency of 83 db you can pump a lot of power into it. So if we connect a Lyngdorf TDA-I 3400 amplifier of 200 watts to it, which at 4 ohms can deliver no less than 400 watts, you can achieve an enormous noise level”.

“The remarkable housing of the Lyngdorf Cue-100 has a triangular shape and is made up of three tapered and slightly rounded sides, made of 35 mm thick CNC-machined MDF. This not only reduces resonance and internal standing waves to a minimum, it gives the speaker a slim and stylish appearance, a textbook example of Scandinavian design.”

 “In short, thanks to the special midrange/woofer and tweeter you can play very loud with the Lyngdorf Cue-100 without distortion occurring. Although, of course, we recommend not to do any violence to your ears.”

“Chamberland’s voice, accompanied by a sparkling fresh piano and perfectly controlled bass guitar provide an instant relaxed feeling.”

“Liberty’ by Anette Askvik, which is also one of the most popular show tracks, provides the goosebumps moment of the day. We’ve heard this song so many times, but today we discover details in it that we didn’t notice until then. Especially when the sax and percussion come in, it becomes even more clear that the Cue-100 offers an accurate and rich music reproduction.”

“The Cue-100 is also a feast for the ears. A speaker that is easy to control. Especially in combination with a Lyngdorf amplifier with RoomPerfect technology, you can play like a charm. Anyone who makes the effort to listen to the Cue-100 in detail can only conclude that the Danes have set a milestone in the history of the brand with this particularly musical speaker. Never before have we been blown away by a Lyngdorf system in such a relaxed way. Please take that from us.”


Read the full review here

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