A spiritual experience with Lyngdorf CD-2

May 2, 2022 | Reviews, CD-2

Lyngdorf CD-2 review

Mike Perez from Audio Arkitekts just reviewed the Lyngdorf CD-2 CD player, and comparing it with his favorite external DACs, he still prefers the CD-2. Read a few of his quotes below, and find a link to the full video review:

“It’s built like a tank, the black aluminum enclosure is exceptionally sturdy and well made, I really like the slim design.”

“There are no words in my vocabulary for what I can only describe as … a spiritual experience!”

“In all seriousness, this is the best sounding CD player I’ve ever heard at this point in my entire life.”

“I heard details in the music I never knew existed. It was a mind altering experience. I never knew a CD can sound so absolutely incredible.”


Watch the full video review here.

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