Lyngdorf Audio launches new high-performance power amplifier

Zář 7, 2023 | Novinky o produktech

Lyngdorf MXA-8400 amplifier

Lyngdorf Audio launches the latest addition to the company’s amplifier range, the high-performance 8-channel power amplifier Lyngdorf MXA-8400. The MXA-8400 is based on the unparalleled and benchmark-setting Purifi EIGENTAKT technology, combined with Lyngdorf Audio’s new PowerPerfect power supply design.

With 8 amplifier channels the MXA-8400 complements the company’s high-performance multichannel processors Lyngdorf MP-40 2.1 and MP-60 2.1, which decode up to sixteen output channels for immersive Dolby Atmos and DTS-X home cinemas. The MP-40 and MP-60 were recently updated with the latest HDMI 2.1 and Tidal Connect including Dolby Atmos Music.

A new benchmark in multichannel amplifiers

The MXA-8400 is the most powerful product from Lyngdorf Audio ever, delivering 8 x 400 watts of ultra-linear and stable power. It incorporates Purifi EIGENTAKT amplifier technology, Lyngdorf Audio’s highly efficient and advanced power supply PowerPerfect, ultra-low-noise and precise analog input stages, and a sophisticated 4-layer PCB optimized for the best signal purity and grounding. With this range of features, the MXA-8400 sets new benchmarks in audio quality, measured performance, and reliability.

Purifi EIGENTAKT technology with innovative EEC circuit

Purifi EIGENTAKT with the innovative and patented EIGENTAKT ErrorCorrection (EEC) is the result of extensive research. It produces extremely low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) at any frequency and any power level, as well as unrivaled low Inter Modulation Distortion (IMD), leading to a highly resolved and stable stereo image unmatched by any amplifier technology or operating class. The result is an incredibly neutral sound performance, with negligible audible noise and no sonic fingerprint at all.

Highly efficient PowerPerfect power supply

8 amplifier channels with a combined 3.2 kilowatts of output power and even higher peak power represent extremely high challenges for the power supply, which is often a limiting factor with common multichannel amplifiers. PowerPerfect by Lyngdorf Audio is a new, highly efficient, and advanced power supply. With its Channel Balancing Technology, integrated filtering, and several protection systems it provides the best basis for each amplifier channel, even with all channels driven.

Best-in-class performance across all levels, frequencies, and speaker loads

Thanks to Purifi EIGENTAKT combined with PowerPerfect, the performance of the MXA-8400 is kept across all volume levels and the entire audio frequency range. It is immune to out-of-band noise on the input signal and insensitive to difficult speaker loads. The 8 output channels are bridgeable in pairs, delivering up to 4 x 800 watts to drive even the most demanding loudspeakers effortlessly.

Designed, assembled, and 24h tested at Lyngdorf Audio, Denmark

The MXA-8400 is assembled to the highest quality standards at Lyngdorf Audio in Denmark, where each unit has to pass a 24-hour test with all channels driven and must be measured to meet all specifications. This ensures the ultimate performance and highest reliability.


The MXA-8400 launches at the CEDIA 2023, September 7-9. Production will start now at Lyngdorf Audio in Skive, Denmark, with the first product available in November 2023.


“The MXA-8400 is uniquely able to offer an exceptional solution to both the installer or home cinema enthusiast who needs reliable, powerful multichannel amplification, and at the same time a top-performing HiFi product to be used in pure audio setups. With the very efficient power supply and a state-of-the-art amplifier stage, the MXA-8400 encapsulates what Steinway and Lyngdorf products stand for – high performance and extraordinary experiences!“ Thomas Birkelund, Lyngdorf Audio CEO and CTO

“The MXA-8400 is the most powerful Lyngdorf amplifier ever, merging the benchmark-setting Purifi technology with our new PowerPerfect power supply resulting in unparalleled performance. The MXA-8400 was designed with Lyngdorf MP multichannel processor owners and home cinema enthusiast in mind, who made an intentional choice to upgrade from integrated AVRs to best-in-class separates, creating the ultimate experience in their home cinemas and media rooms.” Roland Hoffmann, Lyngdorf Audio Product Marketing Director


Read more about the MXA-8400 here.

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