Lyngdorf Audio launches high-end audio design loudspeaker

Led 31, 2023 | Novinky o produktech

Lyngdorf Cue-100

Lyngdorf Audio launches its all-new high-end audio design loudspeaker, the Cue-100. Lyngdorf from Denmark is renowned for digital amplifiers, advanced multichannel processors, and RoomPerfect™ calibration, while loudspeakers have also been part of the portfolio since the company started in 2005.

Danish design and the latest Purifi technology

The Cue-100 is the first high-end audio loudspeaker merging modern Danish design with the latest Purifi speaker technology. The benchmark-setting Purifi aluminum drivers are integrated in a uniquely shaped cabinet, finished in satin-black or satin-white with solid oak elements, and available with a selection of five allaround fabric covers by Gabriel from Denmark. Designed and made at Lyngdorf Audio in Denmark, the Cue-100 is the perfect loudspeaker for audiophile enthusiasts as well as design-conscious music lovers.

Sound-calibrated with RoomPerfect™

When using the Cue-100 together with Lyngdorf’s own digital amplifiers, the RoomPerfect™ technology calibrates the speaker acoustically to the room, always achieving the best possible sound performance in a given room and for every speaker placement. Designed as a high-end audio two-way speaker, the Cue-100 can also be combined with high-end amplifiers from other manufacturers.

Benchmark-setting Purifi technology

Purifi from Denmark has set new benchmarks in speaker technology by creating ultra-low-distortion woofers. With several innovative technologies, Purifi achieves the market’s lowest distortion and therefore highest sound purity. The most recognizable is the Neutral Surround Geometry, where the ring shape consists of alternating mountain ridges. Lyngdorf’s own Air Motion Transformer extends this level of sound performance to the highest frequencies. The result: Outstanding sound purity and a detail resolution never heard before.

Five different fabric covers by Gabriel

Gabriel from Denmark is one of the leading fabric specialists since 1851. Gabriel creates the finest fabrics for furniture, interiors, and acoustics. For the Cue-100 an all-around speaker cloth was designed, available as an optional accessory in Grey, Black, Petrol Blue, Dusty Green, and Red. The fabric is OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified. The combination of cabinet in white or black, base finish in white, black or oak, and five fabric colors allow 24 different combinations to suit every home.

Made in Denmark, available from March 2023

The Cue-100 is Made in Denmark at Lyngdorf Audio’s headquarter in Skive, Denmark, with a high level of craftsmanship. Production has started and the loudspeaker will be available from March 2023.

Statements by Lyngdorf Audio

“We always want to make the best performance available to our customers. We think the components used in this speaker are currently the best on the market and we have developed a loudspeaker with a design that we think fits the performance of the speaker.“ Thomas Birkelund, CTO and CEO

„With the Cue-100, Lyngdorf Audio wants to make a statement when it comes to sound performance. Since the start of the company 16 years ago, we have never created a loudspeaker in this league, which sets new standards when it comes to design and technology. Our distribution partners have repeatedly asked us to make a benchmark speaker and now it is here, Made in Denmark.“ Anker Haldan, CCO

„Loudspeakers are part of Lyngdorf Audio’s DNA since the launch of the very first models, MH-1 and DP-1. Now it’s time for another chapter, merging modern Danish design with the outstanding Purifi technology and our acoustic expertise. The Cue-100 will set new benchmarks in detail resolution and effortless music reproduction.“ Roland Hoffmann, Product Marketing Director


Read more about Lyngdorf Cue-100 here.

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