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Sep 19, 2023 | MP-40, Reviews

MP-40 review from Taiwan

Reviewer and Chief Technical Editor, Charles Lu from Prime AV magazine in Taiwan has reviewed the MP-40 2.1 processor. Together with many good comments, he awarded the product Best Recommended. The review is in Taiwanese, but below we have translated a few quotes from the review, and at the bottom you can find a link to the whole review in Taiwanese.

“Awesome sound characters which deliver incredible sound stage while listening to stereo content, without post processing.”

“The timbre of MP-40 2.1 can beat any High End Stereo Preamp in the same price category.”

“It can be a reference unit for Spatial Audio playback, worth a TIDAL account for multichannel music playback.”

“It gives strong visual perception while replaying multichannel contents.”

Conclusion :

 “The best cost/performance High End Surround Sound Processor currently all over the world.”

“Best Recommended Award by Prime AV magazine.”


You can find the whole review here (in Taiwanese).


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