Over-delivered for its price

Říj 11, 2021 | Recenze, TDAI-1120

Lyngdorf TDAI-1120

Mike Perez from Audio Arkitekts just reviewed the TDAI-1120, and he was impressed in more than one way:

“It delivered the song with authority, creating a wide soundstage, I really felt immersed in the music. I was worried that the amount of power would be an issue to drive a song like this, but even at higher volumes it did not disappoint. I was very impressed with the general power from this small unit.”

About RoomPerfect: “I already thought that this unit had over-delivered for its price… the calibration took it a step further though.”


Watch the full video review about how Mike was skeptical regarding the amplifier’s small size and room corrections in general, and how the TDAI-1120 converted him:

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