Confirmed timeline for HDMI upgrade program coming soon

Apr 13, 2018 | Product news


Unfortunately we will be delayed with our HDMI upgrade program for the Steinway Lyngdorf P200 and the Lyngdorf Audio MP-50. During our rigorous testing of the new HDMI boards, our engineers discovered an error which requires the HDMI chip manufacturer to re-spin the silicon of the HDMI chips. At this time, we are unable to provide a confirmed timeline for the upgrade program as we are awaiting the new boards and will need to restart the testing process. As soon as we have timing we are confident in, we will alert you and provide details of the upgrade program. We are very sorry for the delay and wish to assure you that this is a top priority for us.


HDMI upgrade for all inputs on the P200 and the MP-50

While HDMI with 18 Gbps support is currently available on the smaller HDMI boards used in the Steinway Lyngdorf P100 processor and the Lyngdorf Audio TDAI-2170 and TDAI-3400, it is important to us that the P200 and MP-50 HDMI upgrade is a complete solution without any compromise. That means maintaining the current flexibility of our two flagship processors in terms of the number of inputs and outputs and matrix feature. With the HDMI upgrade, ALL eight input and four outputs on the P200 and ALL eight inputs and two outputs on the MP-50 will be HDMI 2.0b – 18 Gbps and with one HDMI output supporting the HDMI 2.1 feature – eARC.

We are working hard to ensure that this upgrade is available as soon as possible and look forward to providing updated information as soon as we have it.

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